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December 1988

by Mary Jones, directed by Mary Jones


Belladonna - Margaret Butt

Beryl - Mary Pettit

Jasper - Sam Pascoe

Filofax - John Marshall

Amy - Caroline Jones

Alex - John Halliday

Bulrush - Brian Bowker

Eyebright - Mike Jeans

Periwinkle - Stewart Price

Moneywort - Richard Thorne

Aconite - Rosemary Whltehurst

Giant Hogweed - Bryan Stephenson

Heartsease - Margaret Skeet

Dr. Feverfew - Margaret Skeet

Mr. Balm - Keith Palmer

Angelica - Elizabeth Whittaker

Sweet Cicely - Lesley Tricker

Honeysuckle - Tamra Grubett

Pennywort - Lynn Trout

Ragwort - Kate Trout

Sardonyx - Philip Jones

Dandelion - Keith Palmer

Burdock - Lynn Trout

Dodder - Ben Grimsey

Mrs. Daisy Jenkins - Rosemary Stephenson

Pearl - Amy Pettit

Jet - Gregory Pascoe


Other characters played by: - Jolyon Nott, Nicholas Bhanji, Ben Grimsey, Lynn Trout, Elizabeth Whittaker, Sam Pascoe, Amy Pettit & Mary Pettit

Production Team:

Director - Mary Jones

Stage Management - Chris Scanes

Set Construction - Mike Trout & Barry Matthews

Stage Crew - Chris Scanes, Mike Trout, Barry Matthews, Fred Wannell & David Hopper

Lighting - Arthur Wheat

Sound - Philip Jones

Costumes - Isla Morgan & Lesley Tricker

Props - Margaret Skeet

Publicity - Carmen Scanes, Philip Jones

Front of House - Carol Pettlt & Olive Rumford

Photography - Don Steven

Synthesiser Programming - Philip Jones


From Exeter Leader:

...some stunning effects and costumes....

Audience fell for fantasy

Gemquest at the Barnfield Theatre last week was performed with gusto by Topsham's Estuary Players, provided a diverting 2.5 hours of unflagging entertainment that really was for all the family.

Gemquest is a fantasy musical play written by two local women, Mary Jones and Gillian Yates.

It had a hissable-at witch, Belledonna, played with bravado by Margaret Butt, who had the audience booing and cat-calling at her within two minutes; a knockabout duo called Dandelion and Burdock and an endearing green dragon who managed to be sinister and rather moving and funny as well.

Played with style, by Philip Jones, the dragon abandoned his head and turned into a song-and-dance man complete with spangled top-hat and psychedelic red shoes.

Audience participation was total, the talent was there - a pert Mary Pettit, a stalwart John Halliday. a clutch of fantasy-style swashbucklers played by Brian Barker; Richard Thorne, Stewart Price and Mike Jeans and a Master of ceremonies played with dignity and a sense of fun by John Marshall.

The play was directed by the author, Mary Jones who owed a large debt to some stunning effects and costumes that must have been hard work for the stage design team.

A special mention must go to Arthur Wheat for the excellent lighting and Philip Jones for the eerie synthesiser music programming.

I am glad to say rumour has it that Gemquest II is in the pipeline.

- Reviewed by: Jill Ross


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