Happy End

November 1990

by Berthold Brecht / Kurt Weill, directed by Sally Green


Bill Cracker - Paul Walker

Sam 'Mammy' Wurlitzer - Ben Beeson

Dr Nakamura ('The Governor') - Gordon Halliday

Jimmy Dexter ('The Reverend') - Brian Bowker

Bob Marker ('The Professor') - Ben Grimsey

Johnny Flint ('Baby Face') - John Marshall

A Lady in Grey ('The Fly') - Margaret Butt

Miriam, the barmaid - Lesley Tricker


The Salvation Army: -

Major Stone - Rosemary Whitehurst

Captain Hannibal Jackson - Nick Jones

Lieutenant Lillian Holiday ('Hallelujah Lil') - Louise Goodbody

Sister Mary - Lynn Trout

Sister Jane - Caroline Jones

Also: -

A Cop - Cass Thorne

Members of the Fold - Nick Carter, Nancy Harris, Isla Morgan & Cally Pettit

Production Team:

Alto saxophone - John Glanfield

Tenor saxophone - Jennifer Campbell

Trumpet - Mike Brewer

Trombone - Claire Hardy

Banjo - John Mills

Piano - Don Rutter

Drums - David Miller


Production Team: -

Director - Sally Green

Musical Director - Geoffrey Brace

Assistant Musical Director - Don Rutter

Stage Manager - Rosemary Whitehurst

Stage Design - Chris Scanes

Set Construction Manager - Mike Trout

Special Effects - Brian Bowker

Properties Builder - Brian Bowker

Lighting - Barry Matthews & Keith Palmer

Sound - Isla Morgan

Costume Design - Isla Morgan

Properties and Set Dressing - Lesley Tricker & Nancy Harris

Front of House - Jean Halliday & team

Programme and poster design - David Harris


From Estuary News: of their most ambitious projects yet....

Topsham's Estuary Players are embarked on one of their most ambitious projects yet - a musical play by Brecht and Weill entitled 'Happy End., Happy End is as likeable a show as 'Guys and Dolls', which it uncannily resembles even though written some two decades before. Set in a mythical Chicago in 1919, Happy End concerns the efforts of Halleluljah Lil, alias Lieutenant Lillian Holiday of the SaIvation Army, to save the souls of Bill Cracker and his fellow gangsters. After several unlikely revelations everything is brought to a 'happy end'.

The show is being directed by Sally Green, with the musical direction by Geoffrey Brace, and with Louise Goodbody and Paul Walker in the leading roles. It will take place in the Matthews Hall at the end of November, and promises to be another most entertaining evening from this talented company.

- Reviewed by: Gordon Halliday