The Happiest Days of Your Life

March 1985

by John Dighton, directed by Miranda Leger


Dick Tassell (Assistant Master) - Jim Orford

Rainbow (porter and groundsman) - Roy Wheeler

Rupert Billings (Sen. Asst. Master) - James Pettit

Godfrey Pond (Headmaster) - Fred Lewes

Miss Evelyn Whitchurch (Principal) - Alison Lambourne

Miss Gossage (Sen. Asst. Mistress) - Mary Jones

Hopcroft Mi (pupil) - Michael Ellis / Katherine Ley

Barbara Cahoun (pupil) - Elizabeth Walker

Joyce Harper (Assistant Mistress) - Lynn Trout

The Rev. Edward Peck - Miles Wigfield

Mrs Peck - Louise Wigfield

Edgar Sowter - Brian Bowker

Mrs Sowter - Jill Phillips

Production Team:

Director - Miranda Leger

Stage Manager - Michael Trout

Assistants - Barry Matthews & Roy Wheeler

Lighting - Barry Matthews

Prompt - Joyce Evans

Costumes - Olive Rumford

Properties & Furniture - Margaret Butt & Diana Lucas

Design of poster & programme - Diana Lucas

Publicity - Lynn Trout

Production Secretary - Carol Pettit

Front of House - Rosemary & Brian Stephenson


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