The Memory of Water

March 2019

This Olivier Best Comedy Award-winning play was first performed in 1996 and takes the audience to the slightly dilapidated bedroom of a house on the chilly North East coast of England, where they meet three sisters, Mary, Teresa and Catherine who have gathered for
the funeral of their mother Vi. Teresa's husband Frank and Mary's married lover Mike, join them there; so does Vi herself, appearing and interacting with Mary during the course of the Play.

This is a thought-provoking Play about family, memories, life and loss. The storytelling and characterisation is rich and full of humour and should therefore provide a rewarding and entertaining experience for the audience who it is hoped will be tempted to come and see something a little different this time.

The Memory of Water, directed by Clare Philbrock, will be performed at Matthews Hall from 26-29 March 2019.

photographs by Clare Philbrock


Mary - Kate Wannell

Vi - Chris Eilbeck

Teresa - Helen Rushton

Catherine - Becky Davies

Mike - Ian Potts

Frank - Howard Eilbeck

Production Team:

Director - Clare Philbrock

Asst Director - Keith Palmer

Production Manager - Maggie Butt

Design, Set and Publicity - Phil Keen

Props and Furniture - Janine Warre

Costumes - Clare Philbrock & Janine Warre

Lighting Designer - Peter Tapp

Lighting and Sound Operator - Alan Caig

Special Constructions - Maurice Webb

Photography - Clare Philbrock & Angela Wallwork

Front of House team led by - Clare Philbrock


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