The Provoked Wife

March 2014

Sir John Vanbrugh's Restoration Comedy has been adapted especially for the Estuary Players and updated to the Roaring Twenties, complete with live music from the Jazz Age. This bitter-sweet romantic comedy is fast moving, witty and at times farcical. Sir John Brute is repenting his marriage, while all around him his family, friends and acquaintances are performing mating rituals of their own, with varying success! His wife, provoked by his bad behaviour, considers taking a lover – but the question is, will she or won’t she?


Sir John Brute,an unhappy husband - Antony Morris

Lady Brute,a provoked wife - Clare Philbrock

Mrs Belinda,a wealthy widow - Chris Eilbeck

Rasor,butler to Sir John - Bob Drury

Lovewell,lady's maid to Lady Brute - Rose Gander

Lucy,lady's maid to Mrs Belinda - Marie Taylor

Lady Fanciful,a lady of fashion - Maggie Bourgein

Mademoiselle,her French companion - Kate Wannell

Cornet,lady's maid to Lady Fanciful - Lynn Trout

Heartfree,a man about town - Howard Eilbeck

Constant,a man about town - Ian Potts

Pipe,manservant to Constant - Gordon Halliday

Lord Rake - David Batty

Colonel Bully - Cass Thorne

Barman in the Kit-Cat Club - Tom Epton

Betty Sands,hostess in the Kit-Cat Club - Rose Gander

Kitty Fisher,hostess in the Kit-Cat Club - Marie Taylor

Molly Davis,hostess in the Kit-Cat Club - Joana Crisostomo

Poppy Motley,hostess in the Kit-Cat Club - Kate Wannell

Sir Ivor,patron at the Kit-Cat Club - Gordon Halliday

Lady Lydia,patron at the Kit-Cat Club - Jill Whitehouse

Mrs Batelier,a dressmaker - Maggie Butt

P.C. Senior - Keith Palmerr

P.C. Petty - Tom Epton

Justice of the Peace - Alan Caig

The Band -

Ben Beeson - Piano

Bryan Wallwork - Alto and Soprano Sax, Flute

Angela Wallwork - Vocalist

Production Team:

Adapted and Directed by - Rob Hole

Musical Director - Ben Beeson

Asst Director and Stage Manager - Janine Warre

Production Manager and Casting Consultant - Maggie Butt

Choreography - Francesca Potts, Colin Curwood, Clare Philbrock

Costumes - Janine Warre & Isla Morgan, with Clare Philbrock & Jill Whitehouse

Properties - Rosie Munns, assisted by Jill Mather and Tom Epton

Set and Publicity Design - Phil Keen

Construction - Eliot Wright

Lighting - Peter Tapp

Business Management - Rosie Munns & Howard Eilbeck

Photography - Bryan Wallwork

Front of House - Avril and Bill Pattinson and members of the society


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