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Canterbury Tales

November 1987

by Phil Woods & Michael Bogdanov, directed by Diana Lucas & Bryan Stephenson


Brian Bowker -

Margaret Butt -

Dick Dann -

John Halliday -

Gordon Halliday -

Mary Jones -

Nick Jones -

Diana Lucas -

Annie Morton -

John Marshall -

Mike Pigott -

Keith Palmer -

Carol Pettitt -

Jim Orford -

Bryan Stephenson -

Lynn Trout -

Jon Tucker -

Rosemary Whitehurst -

Production Team:

Directors - Diana Lucas & Bryan Stephenson

Musicans - Judy Ridgill, Katherine Stanley & Joachin Stanley

Music arrangment - Margaret Grimsey & Diana Lucas

Set Construction - Bryan Stephenson, Barry Matthews, Stewart Price, David Hopper, Fred Wanell & Miriam Berry

Costume - Mary Jones, Maureen Whitt, Miriam Berry, Bryan Stephenson, Diana Lucas & cast

Props - Rosemary Stephenson & Miriam Fishwick

Lighting - Arthur Wheat

Front of House - Joyce Evans and team

Photographs - Don Stevens

Poster - Diana Lucas

Programme Design - David Harris


From Exmouth & East Devon Journal:

...Keith Palmer ...linked the whole show together in an engaging fashion....

Estuary Players do it again

If amateur dramatic societies had a competition for an annual award for innovation and originality, the Estuary Players would invariably be in the running as prospective winners.

This local group has something of a reputation for choosing plays which are out of the run-of-mill, and for presenting them in an entertaining and imaginative manner.

Their Canterbury Tales last week was no exception. It was, as the programme explained, 'Chaucer made modern by Phil Woods and Michael Bogdanov' - and the Estuary Players added their own unique touches.

Actually it could be described; as 'a play within a play', as the Estuary Players became the 'Devon Medieval Society' engaged in the presentation of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

The audience at the Barnfield Theatre eavesdropped on the preparations, watched the interpretation of the individual Tales and in some cases became embroiled in the action. Altogether it was a most enjoyable experience.

Keith Palmer, as 'chair-person' of the 'Devon Medieval Society' linked the whole show together in an engaging fashion, while considerable credit must also go to the co-producers Diana Lucas and Bryan Stephenson. This trio also got involved in the on-stage action.

Others in the cast, who ably portrayed a variety of Chaucerian characters between them as well as playing caricatures of themselves in some cases, were Brian Bowker, Margaret Butt, Dick Dann, Gordon Halliday, Mary Jones, Nick Jones, Annie Morton, John Marshall, Mike Pigott, Carol Pettitt, Jim Orford, Lynn Trout, Jon Tuckett and Rosemary Whitehurst.

- Reviewed by: Anon


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