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The Beaux' Stratagem

November 2004

by George Farquhar, directed by Alan Caig


Boniface, landlord of the inn - Anthony Morris

Cherry, the landlord's daughter in the inn - Jacky Davies

Servants in the inn - Rose Gander, Mick Munns & Harold Revill

Passengers from the Warrington - Margaret Butt, Elke Meredith, Chris Williams & Members of the Company

Two gentlemen of broken fortunes, the first as master, and the second as servant: -

Thomas Aimwell - David Batty

Francis Archer - John Palmer

Dorinda, Lady Bountiful's daughter - Chloe Bardolf-Smith

Mrs. Sullen, Lady Bountiful's daughter-in-law, wife to Squire Sullen - Bridget Deasy

Squire Sullen, a Country Blockhead, brutal to his wife - Christopher Redwood

Scrub, servant to Squire Sullen - Nick Jones

Gibbet, a Highwayman - Philip Jones

Gipsy, maid to the Ladies - Tini Kay

Foigard, a Priest, Chaplain to the French Officers - John Marshall

Count Bellair, a French Officer, prisoner at Lichfield - Gordon Halliday

A Countrywoman - Rose Gander

Lady Bountiful, an old, civil, Country Gentlewoman, that cures all her neighbours of all distempers, and foolishly fond of her son, Squire Sullen - Mary Jones

Companions to Gibbet: -

Hounslow - Eric Hume

Bagshot - Cass Thorne

Sir Charles Freeman, a Gentleman from London, brother to Mrs. Sullen - James Stonall

Production Team:

Director - Alan Caig

Production Manager - Margaret Butt

Stage Manager - Jan Caig

Set Designer - Clare Girvan

Set Construction - Philip Keen & Mark Davies

Set Decoration - Sarah Hamlin

Lighting - Stuart Yerrell & Ben Fricker

Music - Geoffrey Brace & Ben Beeson

Props - Elke Meredith & Sheila Wall

Prompt - Margaret Butt

Publicity - Mary Jones

Posters - Philip Keen

Programme - Philip Jones

Front of House - Lynn Trout


From Estuary News (Preview):

... theme of romantic deception for financial gain...

The opening night of the Estuary Players' next production, George Farquhar's classic Restoration comedy The Beaux Stratagem, is now only a few days away and the large cast is getting down to some very detailed rehearsing to make sure that the show is ready for the big day. More than 20 people are taking part in this fast-moving production of a play which first graced the stage in 1708, at the height of the trend for sophisticated comedy.

The Players are pulling out all the stops to do justice to the astonishing fashion of the time, with their lace, wigs and stunning frocks. Alan Caig, who is directing with the company for the first time, said, 'we have had to practise just walking and talking in these fabulous clothes, because you simply cannot behave in a 21st century way in 18th century clothing.'


Farquhar's early career as an actor in Dublin ended in near-tragedy when he severely wounded a fellow actor with an un-blunted sword in a stage duel. He was so shaken that he never acted again but became a playwright. The Beaux Stratagem and its theme of romantic deception for financial gain drew on his own experience because he had married a widow with two children believing she was rich, only to discover that she was penniless. It was his last play for by the time he began writing he was seriously ill - but he drove himself to complete the script in 6 weeks, having received £30 in advance for the copyright. It was an immediate and continuing success but Farquhar died soon after its first performance at the age of 29.

- Reviewed by: Anon


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