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Tom Jones

March 1978

by Joan Macalpine, directed by Anne Bacon


Tom Jones - Tony Yates

Squire Allworthy - Bryan Stephenson

Bridget Allworthy - Janet Cummings

Servant - Rosemary Stephenson

Jenny Jones - Jane Spree

Thwackum - Robert Fynn

Blifil - Philip Jones

Squire Western - Gordon Halliday

Molly Seagrim - Gillian Yates

Sophia Western - Lynn Trout

Honour - Cathy Trotter

Doctor - Roy Wheeler

Susan - Sally Parr

Mrs. Waters - Margaret Butt

Mrs. Fitzpatrick - Mary Jones

Betty, her maid - Janet Cummings

Captain Fitzpatrick - John Stuart

Lord Fellamar - Richard Thorne

Constable - John Spree

Woman with Basket - Jane Spree

Executioner - Gerald Harding

Bystanders - Cathy Trotter, Rosemary Stephenson, Roy Wheeler, Robert Fynn & Sally Parr

Production Team:

Producer - Anne Bacon

Stage Manager - Tony Blake

Stage construction - Mike Trout, Gerald Harding & Barry Matthews

Lighting - Kevin Gardner & Ben Leger

Prompt - Carol Pettit

Costumes - Chris Cowen, Miranda Leger, John Spree & Jean Halliday

Hairstyles - Lynn Trout

Makeup - Ian Bond

Publicity & Printing - Don Badger

Front of House Managers - David Gill & Fenella Roberts


From Estuary News:

...the right amount of wicked twinkle....

On the 16, 17 and 18 March, the Estuary Players performed Tom Jones, The Play was very well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The high standard attained by the cast made it very obvious how much hard team work had gone into this production.

The play was produced by Anne Bacon, and it was clear to me she knew how to get the best from her cast. Although the Matthews Hall does not have a large stage, by building it out and having the bedroom scenes on an upper level, this proved very effective.

It would be difficult to speak individually of such a large cast, hut it must be mentioned that Tony Yates played Tom Jones with panache and the right amount of wicked twinkle to give everyone the feeling he was thoroughly enjoying the part. His two girl friends were well played by Margaret Butt and Gillian Yates. Lynn Trout played the heroine, the girl he did manage to marry in the end after all his escapades. The Squire was well played by Gordon Halliday.

I feel sure that the Estuary Players will go from strength to strength and we all look forward to the next performance.

- Reviewed by: Margaret Emerson


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